Self-Serve campaign management with customizable algorithms and "IDFA-less" targeting at scale...

Increased productivity with Appfluencer Targeting Methodology, AI and customizable algorithms to automate and reduce your workload by eliminating the manual tasks involved with the creation, launch of mobile UA campaigns. 

Appfluencer’s AI Decision Matrix manages bid and budget optimizations based on your KPIs, providing greater control over fully transparent results.

Appfluencer Platform was developed while working with these apps

Target High Value Users, Increase Productivity, and manage the Data Infrastructure

Privacy Compliant Targeting Methodology

Focus the delivery of ads to potential customers with the greatest interest and eliminate unnecessary spending. 

Automated Platform with customizable algorithms

Appfluencer’s Self-Serve Platform automates the tasks of creating and launching campaigns at scale.

Data Infrastructure to enable data transparency

Appfluencer’s cloud based data infrastructure does the heavy lifting and automates the movement of data.

Take control with self-serve access and target premium ad inventory using Appfluencer.

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Benefits of using Appfluencer Targeting methodologies in mobile UA campaigns

"Using Appfluencer's targeting methodology increased campaign performance through highly effective targeting which is enabled through the discovery of high potential targets as part of your UA exploration."
Gabe Kwakyi
Co-founder, Chief Marketer, Incipia
"Using Appfluencer targeting methods on Facebook was a huge win as it allowed us to overcome both the scalability challenges of Lookalike campaigns and the dilutive effect that occurs the further you target from 1% & 2% Lookalikes. Appfluencer methods helped us save money and time, it really helped to drive better overall performance from our Facebook campaigns!"
John Boog-Scott
COO, UA & Monetizion, Peoplefun

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