Brett Bauer

CEO & Co-Founder

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Brett Bauer is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Company.

Brett has been instrumental in leading the company in an ever evolving marketplace, while possessing an unwavering belief in the company’s ability to deliver value to its customers with transparent data products coupled with the passion to relentlessly pursue the fulfillment of the company vision and education of the marketplace.

During the time Brett has been leading the company, he has acquired new skills that include coding, data analysis/data science, and data management. The investment of time and acquisition of knowledge has helped uncover areas in which significant gains can be made.

The bridge to the future is traversed by joining the future with the present and moving forward with transparent mobile specific Appfluencer® Data. The key to making the transition is to join the future of mobile specific data with the historical methodology of direct response marketing. Proving the value of Appfluencer® Data without needing to overhaul the existing infrastructure will assist companies as they get started.

Prior to Co-Founding the company, Brett spent time as a high performing Sales Professional in the Investment Industry. At the culmination of his investment career, Brett was working with startups and other companies who required assistance raising investment capital and while also performing due diligence. In addition, Brett managed a small portfolio of private equity funds and the portfolio companies.

In all, Brett spent over twenty-five years as a Sales Professional beginning his financial services career in the late 1980’s. Brett got his start in Sales after completing two years of selling insurance door to door.

Brett attended school at the University of Iowa from 1982 to 1988.

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