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"Using Appfluencer targeting methods can increase campaign performance through highly effective targeting which is enabled through the discovery of high potential targets as part of your UA exploration."

Gabe Kwakyi, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

"Using Appfluencer targeting methods on Facebook was a huge win as it allowed us to overcome both the scalability challenges of Lookalike campaigns..."

John Boog-Scott, COO, UA & Monetization

How Appfluencer® helped Incipia move beyond Lookalike audiences

Marketing agency Incipia recently partnered with Appfluencer® to strive for higher-performance mobile user acquisition, with greater efficiency and reduced waste. By using Appfluencer® Data, Incipia was able to move beyond the performance limitations of Facebook Lookalike audiences and create more successful campaigns on the Facebook Platform. Here’s how Appfluencer® was able to meet their UA goals.

About Incipia

Incipia is a growth consultancy that leverages unique expertise in marketing strategy, agile project management and data analysis, in order to build and scale successful marketing campaigns. They have a deep knowledge of how the algorithmically-driven auctions of today operate, and apply a data-driven approach to boosting their clients’ KPIs.

Incipia was working with the developer Peoplefun for their new game Wordscapes, and were looking for a way to find users who would stay, play and pay.

Objective: Overcoming the limitations of Facebook Lookalike audiences to deliver high performing campaigns

When launching a new app using Facebook app install campaigns, the initial performance is very strong as Facebook’s algorithms identify Lookalike audiences who have the highest probability of converting. However, over time, those same audiences show diminishing returns as the population is reduced not only by those who have already converted but by those who fail to respond. This soon drives up campaign costs due to the falling ratio of link clicks and reduced conversions.

Incipia sought to overcome this inefficiency by partnering with Appfluencer® to grow Wordscapes’ audience, while simultaneously:

  • Decreasing eCPI and campaign expense
  • Increasing conversion, CTR and ROAS
  • Quantifying savings

Solution: Appfluencer methodologies identified highest-value targets and optimized campaigns

Having identified the target demographic as active Facebook-using moms, age 34-54, with at least a high school education and several children, Appfluencer® could then find the highest-value users to target. Campaign specifics were used to generate a list of over 5,000 targets, with the goal of making it quick and easy to identify the best apps to use for targeting purposes.

“Using Appfluencer® Data can increase campaign performance through highly effective targeting which is enabled through the discovery of high potential targets as part of your UA exploration.”Gabe Kwakyi, Co-Founder and Chief Marketer, Incipia

A Proxy Group of targets was also created to allow for accurate performance benchmarking. If a campaign came in under the eCPI benchmark at the end of Day 1, it was allowed to continue and was marked as “Filled” order (see table, below); any that failed to meet the benchmark were “Killed” and removed. In doing so, Appfluencer® allowed Incipia to eliminate wasted campaign spend and time, as well as reducing the amount of optimization required to achieve peak performance.

The table below shows the relative performance of Appfluencer® against the Proxy and Lookalike campaign groups.

Within five full days, installs from the Appfluencer® campaign had exceeded the performance of the Proxy Group – and a few days later, performance was on a par with the Lookalike campaigns.

Appfluencer targeting methodologies led to higher-performing campaigns

Appfluencer® allowed Incipia to move beyond Lookalike audiences, increasing Wordscapes’ campaign performance through highly-effective targeting. Appfluencer® Data decreased eCPI, with the difference evident in the first 24 hours of campaigns as a result of rapid optimization. This is a significant reduction from the three days typically required for Facebook’s algorithm to optimize campaign, resulting in substantial savings of time and resources for Incipia.

By following a deliberate methodology for tracking, measuring and identification of key performance indicators, Appfluencer® Data was found to enhance the overall performance of Facebook Campaigns. More specifically, Appfluencer® Data was more successful than Lookalike targeting, had the highest efficacy rates of the other strategies, and was coupled with higher retention.

“Using Appfluencer® Data to target on Facebook was a huge win as it allowed us to overcome both the scalability challenges of Lookalike campaigns and the dilutive effect that occurs the further you target from 1% and 2% Lookalikes. Appfluencer® Data not only helped us save money and time, it really helped to drive better overall performance from our Facebook campaigns.”

– John Boog-Scott, COO, UA & Monetization, Peoplefun

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