Warren G. Herreid II

Board Member

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The K.A.H.R. Foundation is a family foundation started in 2005 by Jeannine M. Rivet and Warren G. Herreid II for philanthropic endeavors. The letters of the foundation name stand for the surnames of their parents families: Kahler, Archambault, Herreid and Rivet.

Warren is an ardent supporter of veterans and with his wife, helped design, build and give the Rock County Veterans Memorial to the citizens of Rock County, in honor of the brave veterans who gave their lives for their country, and all the veterans of Rock County who have proudly served in the armed forces.

Warren has been active in business for many years, owning and investing in a number of business interests.

Warren’s passions include cars, the military and architecture.  More importantly, he and his wife are focused on helping others through their family foundation.

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