Understanding Users Leads to Better Marketing Decisions

Success is measured in many ways – downloads, active users, retention, LTV…

Success doesn’t happen by accident.The best developer’s are a combination of artist, strategist and technologist. To be successful, an app developer requires an in depth understanding of human behavior. The best developers continuously to work to improve their craft and satiate our need to play.

It takes knowledge of the marketplace in which you plan to launch your product.

Developers want access to easy answers, provided the underlying information can be trusted.

Data exploration with dashboard tools is a great solution for many developers, however, if you prefer to uncover insights with your own tools, talk with us about accessing the data.  You can use own internal data visualization systems for hard core data analysis to get the precise answers you want. Understanding your audience is an important part of your success.

Data from the Appfluencer® has answers for you.

Quick and Easy Answers

Top Apps
What are the Top Apps Installed on your users device
Your Users Top Apps
Where your users spend time
Top Games
Get to the know the top games your users play
Your Users Top Games
Understand the unique preferences of your users
What do the Apps your users own say about them
Concentration of App Types
Segment by Interests - travel, photography, gaming, shopping
Competitors apps installed with your app
Competitors Apps
Keep track of the other Games people play
Mobile Device
Device Level Differences
Device Level Differences
Device Centric View of the User
Facebook Targeting
Create Better Audiences for Facebook Campaigns
Move Beyond Look-a-likes
Optimize your Campaigns faster with better data
Track changing interests
Trend Identification
Identify trends and keep up with what's relevant to your audience
User Profile
Getting to Know YOUR User
User Profiles
Gain insight into the users of your app based on the concentration of apps they have installed on their device

Deeper Insights

Unlock Valuable Data
Get to know your users!
Make Better Decisions with the Best Information
Know your most valuable users and acquire more!
Targeting & Bid Scoring Algorithm
Save money with precision targeting
Target The Users You Want
Use data to make smarter decisions and acquire valuable users
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