Andy Meltzer

Chief Technology Officer

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Andy Meltzer joined the company in February 2013 as its Chief Technology Officer. Since joining the company, Andy has been instrumental in helping the company perfect its technology while implementing advanced business intelligence and predictive analytics into the core data offering that have evolved into the Appfluencer® Targeting & Scoring Algorithms that generate the daily Appfluencer® Targeting Data.

As Co-Founder of Eivia, Inc., (formerly known as e.Intelligence, Inc) in 2000, Andy served as its Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Meltzer is an expert in the development of dynamic planning applications.

Prior to joining e.Intelligence, Andy worked at Information Advantage, where he led a team that added futuristic planning capabilities to the Information Advantage’s business intelligence tools. He discovered efficient ways to interact with the data warehouse, which made the warehouse more than a read-only historical repository.

Andy began his career designing high-performance compilers and languages for supercomputers. At Cray Research, he played a key role in the development of the T3D and T3E systems, the most successful massively parallel Processing supercomputers built to date. Mr. Meltzer has considerable experience working with the problems of performance, scalability, and reliability – principally when size and complexity pose significant challenges.

Andy earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science Cornell University after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and English Literature from the University of Michigan.

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