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Device Level App Data
Appfluencer® App Market Research
Understanding the App Economy from the perspective of the apps on the device
Competitive Intelligence
Appfluencer® App Market Intelligence
Device level data for Decision Making Marketing - Product Development - Business Development
User Acquisition
Appfluencer® Targeting & Scoring Algorithm
Exceed Campaign Goals with highly effective UA Targeting

Big Data Processing

Smart Data Analysis

More Than 1 Trillion
Measurements, Analyses and Calculations Performed Daily
Over 1 Billion
Current & Historical Daily Device Measures
Over 1 Billion
Current & Historical Daily Target Values for Each Pair of Apps

Recognized by leading organizations

Mobile Innovation Group
Stanford University

“We believe the data available from Appfluencer® could help advise app developers about product design and the true nature of market competition… Because Appfluencer® captures the real time movement of the app economy, we believe there is great value in capturing the changing interest in user sentiment, in real time. The potential prediction models that can be built on top of the Appfluencer® data are very exciting.” Pai-Ling Yin, Co-Founder. Mobile Innovation Group

“Statista sees the mobile data as a unique opportunity for their audience for two reasons: the quality and precision of the data. As a company which is constantly seeking reliable data, to date we have not found this level of detail available for mobile apps elsewhere.”


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