A New Normal: Mobile Game Companies 2020 and Beyond...

Executive Summary

The combination of Apple’s privacy stance, requiring each app to obtain OPT-IN permission from the user prior to collecting and using information and the pandemic forcing remote work have led to a series of downstream events with drastic consequences. The requirement to comply with Apple’s mandate is challenging under normal circumstances, however, it is further complicated by the pandemic and remote work environment.

Apple’s announcement in late June came in the midst of a global pandemic. Companies were forced to close to prevent the spread of COVID. Prior to the pandemic, working from home (WFH) had been an option. Overnight, companies that could, were forced to transition operations to a virtual environment. Remote work became a business requirement, and quite possibly, a long term reality.

Business revenue requirements do not change, and the daily work that needs to be completed to generate revenue doesn’t change either. Industry conferences and the relationship building aspects of networking have been lost. The virtual conferences and networking have not been able to replace the in person experience. What has changed is the primary location where the majority of the work gets done. WFH was necessary to “flatten the curve” and decrease the community spread of COVID. Companies able to transition easily to WFH still have productivity issues because of the little things that are hard to replicate in a remote environment. Simple things like:

● Lack of socialization that occur in the workplace

● Impromptu gatherings that happen naturally, spark innovation and creativity

● Inability to stop by someone’s desk to ask a quick question.

WFH might be an improvement for some job functions and individuals as they are able work uninterrupted for extended periods of time. The added flexibility that permits an individual to adjust their work schedule to accommodate family needs is a huge benefit. Unfortunately., there are negative aspects to working from home and the impact it has on  productivity or an individual’s mental state. Some of these include:

● Working in isolation with less frequent contact with team members

● The virtual “groundhog day” as each day becomes too similar takes its toll on a person

● Work becomes a grind, creating additional challenges that need to be addressed.

Appfluencer helps companies address Apple’s removal of the IDFA – Appfluencer Targeting methodology does not rely on the IDFA . In addition, the Appfluencer Platform addresses the productivity limitations imposed by the pandemic and WFH by increasing productivity of Growth Teams with UA responsibilities. Campaign related tasks that used to take days can be completed in minutes, freeing individuals valuable time for greater value added activities, all while saving time, money and improving campaign performance.

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